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Mufflers for Every Vehicle

The Magic of Your Muffler

Ever hear a car go by without a muffler? Pretty Loud, eh? Just think of the exhaust valve opening, letting in a high-pressure burst of gas, the sound created by the reaction travels out the pipe and makes a racket if there is nothing there to lower the sound output.

Introducing: the muffler. Pretty much an interesting array of tubes and chambers that actually reduce the amplified sounds. Without one, your exhaust system will create a ton of noise that will drive you crazy, your neighbors crazy, and maybe even a ticket telling you to get it fixed. Not to mention, a reduction in your exhaust system’s performance

Don’t wait for all that to happen. Come on out to see us at Taysom Tire Company and let us fit and install the perfect muffler for your vehicle type. We can even customize your muffler, just ask us.

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