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Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Keep Your Car in Shape

Oil changes, radiator flush & fill, injector cleaning, lube work, and tune ups are several of the most popular and the smartest scheduled maintenance activities you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. These processes not only extend the life of your car, they prevent major issues from appearing.
Trust us, maintenance for your car is necessary. They aren’t expensive and the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Come to us for:
• Oil Changes
• Radiator Flush & Fill
• Injector Cleaning
• Lube Work
• Tune Ups
• Air Filter Changes
• Brake Fluid Check
• Transmission Fluid Check
• Timing Belt
• Serpentine Belt
• Starter System
• and more…

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance and Body Work

We offer the same maintenance services for our friends with fleet vehicles. Don’t have the facility to do your own maintenance? Give us a call and have us quote you for these services for your fleet.
Taysom has also begun performing body work for those clients that are looking for a great job for a fair price. Talk to our team about our newer services and let us get your car or truck running and looking like new.
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